Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate Na2CO3.H2O


With 25% water of crystallisation, Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate is the most stable species of Sodium Carbonate. It has all of the properties of Sodium Carbonate, coupled with cold water solubility.

This granule is stable to 100oC before losing its water, making an ideal export grade concentrated soda crystal product, as well as an ingredient in low temperature laundry or dishwash formulations where the higher alkalinity of this product compared to Sesquicarbonate is important.

Recent advances in our crystallisation process allow us to produce Sodium Carbonate with any level of water of crystallisation between 25% and 60%. Please enquire for any specific properties you are trying to achieve.
Other additives such as Polycarboxylates and Surfactants can also be incorporated to this product.

Download: Material Safety Data Sheet | Raw Materials Specification