Bee Keepers and Honey Producers

Soda Crystals are ideal for tackling the stubborn greasy propolis that bees produce. As well as cleaning apiaries, they are also suitable for cleaning hive tools and smokers as well as honey production machinery. They are recommended by the National Bee Unit and The British Beekeepers Association. One of their tasks is to educate both hobby and professional bee keepers about proper apiary hygiene. Bee keepers can unwittingly transfer disease from one apiary to another and even infect a whole colony, by not cleaning their tools correctly between hive inspections. They are also ideal for cleaning bee suits, which should ideally be washed after each use.

This is the BBKA's advice on apiary hygiene.

Opposite is a short information video we produced with a Bee Inspector from the National Bee Unit and a senior member of the BBKA that runs a commercial honey production business in the Midlands.

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