Food Service

Case Study: Restaurants and Take aways

Quality food requires quality ingredients. For fish and chip shop owner Chris Pittaras, sourcing the highest quality ingredients for his business has been fundamental to running his award-winning Fish and Chip shop on Brook Road, Manchester.

As Chris can tell you, fresh fish, top quality potatoes and light, crispy batter are the key elements to creating a successful menu, but for the perfect chip shop peas, Chris only uses ELCO Soda Crystals to steep them. To create the ideal side dish to the classic British Fish and Chips, 2.3kg of peas are steeped in 190g of ELCO Soda Crystals and water for 10 hours, before cooking.

Chris' has been awarded a 5 star rating from the Sea Fish Organisation due to the quality of his food as well as the efficient and quick service, hygiene, preparation and presentation standards. Chris always makes sure he chooses sustainable options when it comes to sourcing the food he serves, the fish sold at Chris' Fish and Chip shop is line caught, daily from the Faroe Isles and Iceland.

Frank Guffogg of ELCO comments "We are delighted that a fish and chip shop as prestigious as Chris' uses our product to make their award-winning food. Chris' dedication to creating an environmentally responsible business has put his shop at the top of the industry and we're proud to be a part of his success!"

Soda Crystals are also be used as heavy duty cleaner for surfaces and equipment, especially effective on extraction hoods and greasy surfaces including floors. Simply dissolve in hand hot water to clean - or soak non electrical equipment, then wipe down and spray with an antibacterial cleaner if required.

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