Food Production

Case Study: Pork Scratchings Production

Graham Simmons & Sons Ltd of Walsall has been making pork scratching for over 30 years and have even featured on The One Show. Many food manufacturers have the perennial problem of removing grease, but by the very nature of the product and the production process, keeping floors safe is a constant battle. Graham and his son Shaun moved to a purpose built premises 17 years ago and from the start hygiene and safety have been a priority. The operation and production processes were designed with the co-operation of the local Environmental Health Department. Despite the broad selection of 'grease removal' products available, they still rely on a product over 100 years old - Soda Crystals.

"Although we completely stop production every week and have a thorough clean down, the amount of grease that gets transferred to the floor means that soda crystals, dissolved in boiling water are used throughout the day, every day" comments Shaun. "We have even devoted one of our 22 boiling pans to a soda crystals liquor. Soda crystals are so effective and such a low cost that they are regularly and liberally poured onto the floor to keep grease build up at a minimum. Our exceptionally low accident rates are testament to their effectiveness, in spite of the slip risk when dealing with such a foodstuff."

The effluent from the sluiced floors runs off to a fat trap where the neutralised fat residue floats to the surface for removal.

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