Soda Crystals Case Study: Cleaning - Dairy Farm

Rob Ford has been running Brindley Hall Farms milking parlour since 1975. He tends to Brindley Halls 230 dairy cattle and is responsible for keeping the milking parlour clean and disinfected on a daily basis. He's seen many changes in the industry with the advent of new machinery and equipment, but for Rob's 18/18 herringbone milking parlour at Brindley Hall, one thing remains the same - the cleaning routine.

To keep the milking equipment at the highest standard of cleanliness, Rob uses Elco Soda Crystals:

"Nothing is as cheap and effective as Soda Crystals at removing the fat deposits and sterilising the milking equipment. I use up to 1.5kg of Soda Crystals per 250L of 90oC water and a hypochlorite solution to flush the system out six times a week, and I only need to use an acidic milkstone remover once a week. I also use a 10% Soda Crystal solution to keep the clusters clean."

As testament to the effectiveness of Rob's Soda Crystals cleaning routine, his bactoscan levels are consistently below 20,000/ml.

Despite the rise of pre-prepared pipeline cleaners, Rob says he has no plans to change his cleaning routine.

"The liquid chemical cleaners are expensive, and I have tried other powder-based chemicals, but extra health and safety precautions were required, such as wearing a mask to protect from the dust given off. I've used Soda Crystals at Brindley Hall for 36 years and in my opinion, there's no better cleaner for ease of use and effectiveness."

Dairy milking parlour

Soda Crystals can also be used to clear up oil and diesel spills around farm sites by scattering the crystals over the spill clearing it away with water. Blocked drains can be cleared by adding up to a kilo of Soda Crystals followed by hot water, and the parlour floor and other equipment are wiped with a Soda Crystal solution before being rinsed with fresh water.

Soda Crystals are a non-caustic cleaner and should not be confused with Sodium Hydroxide.

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